Oxford Circus Underground Station

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Oxford Circus Underground Station

Oxford Street


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05 May 2014
von Joe T.

Centrally located tube stop but very busy. Three different tube lines meet here. It is also on Oxford street with all its retail shops. Mehr erfahren

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12 January 2015
von Chris G.

Overcrowded, busy etc etc but where would we be without Oxford Circus tube station?

Not only does it serve, in my opinion, one of the most atmospheric shopping streets in the world, it is a great central interchange between many other different tube lines across London.

Without doubt any of the platforms are located along distance away from each other - make sure you have your walking shoes... Mehr erfahren

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08 November 2016
von Shila B.

Remember how I said something about confusion? This one is confusing 'cause you're not sure if you're going east or west until you get to the next station and back tracking is more of a pain in the ass that you might as well go forward a few more stops, connect to another line and then get back the other way. Trust me a lot of time was wasted doing this not once but twice. Of course trying to... Mehr erfahren

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15 June 2016
von Henri R.

This is one of London's busiest, most confusing Tube Stations. If you can I would suggest not using it in peak times. In fact I have walked the 5-10mins to the nearest tube on the line I wanted instead of going down the mayhem.

There are so many entrances and exits as well it can be even overwhelming for a long tine Londoner.

You'll be fine if you take a deep breath and know hurrying is not... Mehr erfahren

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17 December 2010
von Bruce K.

One of the deeper Tube stations, Oxford Circus is proud of its escalators. From street level, it's a long ride down to the platform. No cellular coverage down here, that's for sure!

This station is nearly as confusing as Bank. It's quite easy to get confused and end up coming out the absolutely wrong exit/entrance. There are labels, but it will help if you look at Google Street Maps to figure... Mehr erfahren

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