Oyster Frequently Asked Questions

Plan to travel around London? Unsure which travel ticket to buy? Use our handy guide to frequently asked questions about Oyster and Visitor Oyster Cards.

Oyster FAQs

Oyster FAQs: The Basics

Pay the cheapest fare when you travel around London using an Oyster or Visitor Oyster Card. Use our guide to answer questions about travel on London's Tube, buses, and trains.

Oyster FAQs: Which Card to Buy?

Planning a trip to London? Buy the right kind of travel ticket for your needs - learn how to make the most of your Visitor Oyster card.

Oyster FAQs: How to Use Your Card

Buy a Visitor Oyster Card to travel around London on the Tube, bus, train and DLR services. Discover where to use it, how to use, and how to top it up with more credit as you go.

Oyster FAQs: How to Get a Refund

Find out how to claim a refund on the credit that is leftover on your Visitor Oyster card or Oyster card when you leave London and do not plan to return.