Explore Accessible London Maps with PhotoRoute

These useful photo maps cover accessible tourist routes all around London.

These online photo maps by PhotoRoute were developed by Enabled City in conjunction with the Greater London Authority. They show accessible routes in London helping any visitor, including those who find steps and stairs a challenge, make the most of their time in the city of London. 

If, for example, you want a step-free journey from South Kensington Tube station to the V&A, PhotoRoute will show you the way. Other maps include a step-free walk from Paddington to Camden Lock, and from Westminster Tube station to the Sea Life London Aquarium. Visit photoroute.com to find out more.

The information provided includes walking times and distances, suggested step-free routes and accessibility details of major tourist sites. The maps use sat nav and geo-located images together with photos, arrows and written directions to pin-point a user's location. 

Most routes start and end at main transport links such as stations, while some journeys are designed to be circular, enabling the user to dip in and out of the routes.

You can download the access map app and find other London access maps at photoroute.com