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Top 10 Bonfire Night Fireworks Displays in London 2016

Remember, remember the fifth of November with these top Bonfire Night fireworks displays in London.

Each year, London marks the historic moment when Guy Fawkes and his motley crew attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I in the Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605 – the day became known as Guy Fawkes Day, or more commonly Bonfire Night.

Every November, bonfires are lit on which effigies known as “guys” are burned; while the skies are filled with colourful fireworks. It’s also a time to enjoy traditional Bonfire Night food and drink, alongside music, funfairs and family activities.

Find some of the best local firework displays in London on Bonfire Night below.

Central London

Battersea Park Fireworks Display

Join the thousands of revellers as this pretty park is illuminated with a huge bonfire and a spectacular fireworks display. Tuck into food and drink from the various stalls or enjoy the family activities during the Battersea Park Fireworks Display on the banks of the river Thames. Alternatively, skip the crowds and watch the display from a different angle with an unforgettable fireworks cruise. 5 Nov

Southwark Fireworks Display

The free Southwark Fireworks Display draws in around 30,000 people; making it one of the largest free displays in the city. With a setting along the south bank of the river Thames and with plenty of food, drink and entertainment on offer, it’s a great place to see your first Bonfire Night fireworks display in London. 5 Nov

South London

Crystal Palace Park Firework Display

One of the city’s longest running fireworks displays, the annual Crystal Palace Park Firework Display brings thousands to the South London park that’s also famed for its dinosaurs. Expect plenty of family fun, including a children’s firework display, food, and children’s activities at this alcohol-free event. 5 Nov

North London

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival

With views stretching across London and plenty of family activities to enjoy, the Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival has become one of the top Bonfire Night events in London. With activities ranging from a German beer festival to funfairs and ice skating, there’s always plenty for all ages at this fireworks show. 4-5 Nov

Brent Fireworks

The annual Brent Fireworks Night welcomes 12,000 people to North London’s Roundwood Park. With two displays to enjoy, including one more focused towards children, this free event sets Guy Fawkes Night off with a bang. Nov TBC

Harrow Fireworks

With a cosmic space-themed fireworks display, the popular Harrow Fireworks are fun for all the family. Find food from around the world, a fairground, plenty of children’s entertainment and maybe even a few wandering aliens. 5 Nov


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East London

Blackheath Fireworks

Set in one of London’s largest outdoor spaces, the Blackheath Fireworks make a great evening out for family and friends looking to enjoy the fireworks in London in a buzzing atmosphere. Regularly hosting more than 80,000 people, it’s one of the largest Bonfire Night events in London; and what’s more it’s free - leaving you plenty of change to indulge in some seasonal treats. 5 Nov

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Waltham Forest Fireworks

Celebrate Bonfire Night at the family-friendly Waltham Forest Fireworks in Chestnuts Field which attract around 20,000 people. The free fireworks show boasts a large funfair plus a variety of food stalls and a bar. 4 Nov

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West London

Bishop’s Park Fireworks

Sister event to the annual Bonfire Night in Ravenscourt Park, the Bishop’s Park Fireworks Display is a short walk from Putney Bridge Tube station and attracts thousands of visitors. With a funfair and an alcohol-free and dog-free policy, these Fulham fireworks are great for young kids. 4 Nov

Wimbledon Park Fireworks

The Wimbledon Fireworks Display in South West London has a family focus, with the likes of a funfair and children’s fireworks display to enjoy. The display takes place on a different evening to its sister event in Morden, so why not enjoy two nights of firework fun? After all, it’s a whole year to wait for another Bonfire Night. 3 Nov Book now

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