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Top Art Exhibitions in London

Don't miss out on the best London art exhibitions! See what's on and catch these great London exhibitions as chosen by our editorial team.

Abstract Expressionism at Royal Academy of Arts

Rediscover one of the greatest art movements of the 20th century with Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy of Arts. Be amazed by stunning works by renowned American artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, characterised by gestural brushstrokes and bright colour fields. 24 Sep-2 Jan. Book now

Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans at the Royal Academy of Arts

Discover a revolutionary figure in 19th-century painting with Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans at the Royal Academy of Arts. Curated by famous contemporary artist Luc Tuymans, this original exhibition showcases some of Ensor’s most innovative works and their influence on today’s painters. 29 Oct-29 Jan Book now

Picasso Portraits at National Portrait Gallery

See how the revolutionary Spanish artist’s style has changed over time with Picasso Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. Peek into Picasso’s lively circle of acquaintances and relive a legendary era for art and culture through his iconic self-portraits and the fascinating depictions of his lovers. 6 Oct-5 Feb

Beyond Caravaggio at National Gallery

See stunning paintings by the acclaimed Italian artist with Beyond Caravaggio at National Gallery. Discover Caravaggio’s remarkable influence on some of the greatest artists of his time as you enjoy a wonderful display of more than 50 works from outstanding art collections in the UK. 12 Oct-15 Jan

Paul Nash at Tate Britain

Rediscover the work of a great British artist, famous for his surreal landscapes and dramatic war paintings, with Paul Nash at Tate Britain. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Paul Nash’s dreamlike works in the context of British modernism, alongside artworks by major artists such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. 26 Oct-5 Mar


South Africa: The Art of a Nation at British Museum

Retrace the history of South Africa through its art with South Africa: The Art of a Nation at the British Museum. Featuring ancient art objects, disruptive works from the apartheid period and contemporary artworks, this original exhibition is a faithful portrait of South Africa’s complex identity. 27 Oct-26 Feb

Robert Rauschenberg at Tate Modern

Discover the seminal work of a revolutionary artist with Robert Rauschenberg at Tate Modern. Retrace Rauschenberg’s creative career from his early experiments at Black Mountain College in the 1950s to the invention of his famous Combines, hybrids between painting and sculpture. 1 Dec-2 Apr

Portrait of the Artist at The Queen’s Gallery

Discover how the image of the creative genius has changed over time with Portrait of the Artist at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace. Showcasing more than 150 artworks from the Royal Collection, the exhibition features masterpieces by artists such as Rembrandt and Rubens. 4 Nov-17 Apr

The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection at Tate Modern

Discover one of the most important photography collections in the world with The Radical Eye at Tate Modern. The exhibition showcases rare prints from the 1920s to the 1950s, all collected by Sir Elton John through his lifetime. See more than 150 photographs from renowned artists such as Man Ray, Berenince Abbott, Edward Weston and Alfred Stieglitz. 10 Nov-7 May

Capturing the City: Photography at the Bank of England at the Bank of England Museum

Trace the history of photography with Capturing the City: Photography at the Bank of England at the Bank of England Museum. Explore the history of the bank through rarely-seen photographs from its own photography collection, which spans the entire history of the medium. 18 Jan-31 Dec


Turner Prize 2016 at Tate Britain

Discover the best new artistic talent with the Turner Prize at Tate Britain. Showcasing the contemporary work of four selected up-and-coming British artists, this recurring exhibition is an unmissable date on the London art calendar. This year’s finalists are Helen Marten, Anthea Hamilton, Josephine Pryde and Michael Dean. 27 Sep-2 Jan

 Harry Potter Graphics at House of MinaLima

Have you ever dreamt of receiving Hogwarts’ acceptance letter? Then head to the House of MinaLima in London’s West End, and surround yourself with props and artworks from the Harry Potter films with Harry Potter Graphics. See original wizardry franchise projects, graphic work and objects by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the designers behind the Harry Potter movie artworks. 3 Jun-4 Feb

William Kentridge: Thick Time at Whitechapel Gallery

Discover the work of the acclaimed South African artist with the exhibition William Kentridge: Thick Time at the Whitechapel Gallery. Highlights of the display include spectacular installations and six large-scale works created between 2003 and 2016 combining performance, sound and moving images. 21 Sep-15 Jan