Best London Walking Tours

For those who just love to wander the streets and see the sites, look no further than London's many walking tours.

Haunted London Pub Tour

Explore all things supernatural as you visit London's most ghostly drinking dens on this adult-only Haunted London Pub Tour. Visit the address of Sweeney Todd and hear tales of poltergeists, witch hunts and grave robbers. But never fear, there’s plenty of opportunity along the way to settle the nerves with an alcoholic beverage at one of the three haunted, historic pubs included in the tour.

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Jack the Ripper Tour

Experience the fright of a lifetime as you embark on a walking tour that examines one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Walk the streets where Jack the Ripper committed his many crimes and hear tales along the way from a guide. This tour isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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Kray Twins Walking Tour

If you want to discover more about London’s most notorious gangsters then look no further than the Kray Twins Walking Tour. Learn about brothers Ronnie and Reggie Kray as you are guided through the streets of East London, taking in such sights as the brothers’ boxing club, Repton, and the pub where they met regularly.

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Sherlock Holmes Tour

Come and see the London sites that inspired Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle with the Sherlock Holmes Tour. You can also explore some of the locations featured in the books, films and TV series as you are led around by a professional guide in this two-hour tour of Sherlock’s London.

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Alternative London Tours

Experience an amazing exhibition of the creativity of East London with the original Alternative London tour. See artwork from around 40 East London artists as you are given insights by a guide into what has made the area so important both historically and culturally today. A tour to inspire creativity.

Brit Movie Tours

Join a unique movie and TV sightseeing walking tour experience in London and go on location to see incredible sets and fascinating landmarks. Local guides provide fascinating insights into the industry and there are multiple tours available, including Doctor Who, Gangster London and Harry Potter Tour of London locations. Don't miss out.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tour

If you are a lover of all things chocolate then Chocolate Ecstasy Tours can probably provide the tour for you. Moving seamlessly between the chocolate shops and boutiques of Chelsea and Mayfair, there is plenty of chocolate to eat and drink along the way, so indulge yourselves on a Chocolate Ecstasy Tour.

City Visitor Trail

The City Visitor Trail takes you on a journey through the heart of London. Take in famous attractions such as St. Paul's Cathedral, Guildhall, the Bank of England and the Tower of London or try the themed "side-tracks", each one moving away from the main path to give a more in-depth look at one part of the city.

Discovery Richmond

Take a guided sightseeing tour around one of London's most affluent, charming and historically interesting areas. With beautiful scenery, including Richmond Park and the River Thames, you could while away the hours in this leafy London suburb and it is only a 20-minute train journey from Central London.

Eating London Tour

Experience London through its food as you move through the capital’s favourite eating spots. Join the East End Food Tour, which takes in Brick Lane and Spitalfields; or the Twilight Soho Food Tour: an evening tour that evades the tourist food traps and takes in the cafés, restaurants and shops that are truly shaping the city’s culinary reputation. Be sure to arrive hungry.

Global Mystery Tour

This special tour of London is in the form of an online quiz. Take the quiz before the tour and you can learn about places of interest, important buildings and significant people before setting out on foot and using the quiz as a guide. Show off your knowledge of London and enjoy the sights of the capital with this do-it-yourself tour.

London Walks

London Walks is the most extensive manager of walking tours in London. With more than 100 walks built up over half a century, including Jack the Ripper walks, Olympics walks, Harry Potter walks, ghost walks and many more, you’ll find all your walking needs satisfied with a tour courtesy of London Walks.

Mosaic Walking Tours

If you're looking for a unique insight into London then Mosaic Tours set themselves apart from the rest. An egyptologist gives tours of the British Museum and teaches hieroglyphics, a political scientist explores signs and symbols and there are a range of tours in foreign languages. You really can discover London piece by piece with Mosaic Tours.

Royal Tour of London

Visit three royal palaces as you journey from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. Along the way you will discover plots to destroy Parliament, Churchill’s hidden bunker, cannibal pelicans and crazy lost tourists.