Top 10 Toyshops in London

London has a fantastic array of shops selling a wide range of kid's toys, from retro board games and puppets to cool gadgets and educational toys.

You'll find our Top 10 London toyshops below. For even more choice, see our complete list of London toyshops.


Founded in 1760 as a small toyshop, Hamleys moved to its present location in Regent Street in 1881. Today it's London's most famous toyshop, with seven floors filled with every conceivable toy from all the popular brands. Even the nurseries and playrooms of the Queen and her children have been stocked from this extraordinary shop.

The Disney Store

The Disney Store on Oxford Street is the largest in Europe. Its glass store front contains a 267ft high Princess Castle with an animated clock, where Princesses make appearances in windows and Tinkerbell flies across the walls throughout the day. Mickey and Donald sentries guard the store and lots of other magical things happen inside.

Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop

Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop was established in London's Hoxton back in 1856. The shop moved to Covent Garden in 1980 and today still sells the same paper toy theatres it always has. You can also find marionettes, glove puppets and other traditional toys with a theatrical theme.

The Harry Potter Shop

Designed to look like Ollivander's wand shop from the Harry Potter books, this magical shop is home to all the Harry Potter merchandise a fan could want. As well as collectibles like wands, time turners, Triwizard cups and Horcruxes, the shop also stocks smaller items like board games and mugs.


Toyshop Honeyjam takes its name from those of its founders; model Jasmin "Jam" Guinness and Honey Bowdrey. The shop, located just off Portobello Road, sells quirky and traditional toys, with fairtrade and eco-friendly toys sharing shelf space with retro and vintage favourites.

Puppet Planet

Puppets on strings, puppets on rods and glove puppets from across the globe line the shelves in Puppet Planet in Clapham. This magical store also has a small theatre so customers can put on a play, and if you're looking for a really unique gift you can even commission a "lookalike" marionette. Also on sale are puppet-inspired jewellery and cards. 

Science Museum Shop

The Science Museum Shop is full of fun gadgets, hands-on kits and science toys that will intrigue kids of all ages, from science putty and voice transformers to books and telescopes. Adults can shop for homewares and tech gadgets. Look out for in-store demonstrations, when you’ll see toy aeroplanes and the like swooping overhead.


Started by two sisters – TV presenter Emma Forbes and journalist Sarah Standing – the Semmalina toyshop now has a celebrity following. The bright store sells a range of classic and vintage toys, clothes and dressing-up costumes. It's also home to the Starbags party bag service, which caters for grown-up events as well as kids' parties.

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families' official London shop in Highbury, North London, stocks an amazing array of Sylvanian Families toys, including cute creatures, buildings, furniture, vehicles and more. You'll find the full UK range, plus discontinued lines and items imported from Japan and America.

Natural History Museum shops

The shops in the Natural History Museum in South Kensington sell toys, books, gifts, minerals and items related to the most recent exhibitions, as well as all the dinosaur goodies you could ever wish for, including toys, games and clothing.