Highbury Fields

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Highbury Fields

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4 out of 5 based on 12 reviews

Top 5 reviews of Highbury Fields

5.0 out of 5 29 June 2011
by Joshua S.

I have to admit, I feel quite silly writing a review for a park. I mean, no beer OR food? What am I doing?

But it really doesn't get much better than Highbury Fields - particularly now that Islington has lifted its ban on grilling in public spaces.

There are larger parks, with ponds and fountains and monuments and whatnot, but not many have the same local flavour as highbury fields. As the...more

4.0 out of 5 9 May 2011
by Tristan J.

What is it with Islington's lack of green space? Sure there are a few squares and greens but if you really want wide open green space you don't have too many options.

Thankfully, you do have Highbury Fields. OK so it's not Islington but it's close enough. Hidden just off from Highbury Corner's horribly busy roundabout and the constantly gridlocked Holloway Road, Highbury Fields is a...more

4.0 out of 5 6 April 2011
by Thomas A.

I spy with my little eye... something that begins with H.

(not Highbury)

Highbury Fields is the bookend of Upper Street, and I'll let you debate with yourself if it's the better or worse end, but it's certainly more residential (not Homes) than Angel and it's a great place to meet people for a summer chill out.

Not a terribly big park, but when you're around the East end of Islington it...more

5.0 out of 5 24 May 2010
by Laura N.

You know the weather's been nice when my last few reviews involve parks, offys and fruit stalls!

Highbury Fields is no different, a massive open green surrounded by leafy trees for a bit of much needed shade. The BBQs were grilling, frisbees and footballs out in force, blankets, sunglasses, books, summer festival cider, pure happiness. Even the kiddos were in parktopia as the playground...more

4.0 out of 5 14 December 2008
by Melania P.

Whenever I get off the Highbury Islington tube stop and decide to walk home, I walk through Highbury Fields. It was a surprise to find it because once you enter the little park the noise seems to almost disappear. If someone had not told me to walk in that direction I never would have found it. I would love to purchase one of the houses that boarders the park, I could get used to looking...more