Diwali in London


Celebrate the free festival of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, with fun-filled events and activities in Trafalgar Square.

Every year, Trafalgar Square hosts a Diwali celebration that attracts thousands of people to central London. This year's packed programme includes traditional religious music contemporary Asian music and dance performed by professional Zee TV artists on the main stage, as well as food stalls where you can sample best of Southeast Asian vegetarian cuisine, and a range of child-friendly activities.

In addition to this main event in Trafalgar Square, there are smaller festivals and family Diwali events across London, as well as special menus in some London restaurants.

About Diwali

Diwali has religious significance for Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities.

Known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali represents the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. The word Diwali or Deepavali literally means "a row of lamps".

Enthusiastically celebrated around the world, Diwali marks new beginnings and a renewal of commitment to family values. It traditionally symbolises joy, love, reflection, resolution, forgiveness, light and knowledge.

Diwali is timed to coincide with the new moon (the darkest night of the month) in October or November, so the actual date varies from year to year.


Venue Details & Map

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
+44 (0)207 983 4000

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