Cravings: Can your food control you? at the Science Museum


Salad with a Taste of Kandinsky. Photo: Bottletop/Science Museum Pinterest


Discover the surprising secret powers that your diet holds over you with Cravings: Can your food control you? at the Science Museum.

The biological complexities of diet and cravings can be traced all the way back to the womb, where the human body learns to enjoy certain flavours that will influence taste in later life. Find out how a person's entire appetite has already been shaped by food and how current and future choices have already been decided.

Using some brilliantly cutting edge technology and science, this exhibition expertly blends astounding stories and unusual objects to explain some thought provoking processes. Learn how the brain, gut brain and gut bacteria work as a cleverly synchronised team to take control of all food related impulses and decisions.

You might think that you are in control of your diet, but through entertaining, interactive experiments and activities you'll discover just how our senses can be very misleading when it comes to food and diet.

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Science Museum

Science Museum
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