King Charles III at the Wyndham's Theatre

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Tim Pigott-Smith as King Charles III

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Experience the cutting satire of Mike Bartlett’s controversial play King Charles III as it transfers to the Wyndham’s Theatre

The much talked about work hit the headlines during its initial run when its brilliant concept captured the imagination of the public. Set in a future where the Queen has died, Prince Charles is about to become king after waiting patiently. With years of power ahead of him, the question on everyone’s lips is what sort of monarch will he be? 

Bartlett’s story weaves the issues of today, including the phone hacking scandal and press regulation, into a compelling narrative that skillfully portrays the dynamics of the Royal Family and their attitudes to the limited power that they wield. 

Turning in a memorable performance as Charles is Tim Pigott-Smith, who manages to capture the essence of the real person behind the crown.

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