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The Falmouth to Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival 2014 sails into Royal Greenwich, the final port of call for the prestigious event.

During London’s largest tall ship event for more than 25 years, up to 50 spectacular ships are set to gather in Greenwich for a four-day nautical celebration.

Having raced from Falmouth to the Isle of Wight, the ships then cruise to London where they berth along the River Thames' Greenwich shoreline. You’ll be able to admire the stunning vessels up close and enjoy an exciting programme of on-shore festival events. Join the crews for trips along the river as they show off the beautiful working ships.

This is the one of the biggest sailing events in the UK, and a rare chance to witness traditional sailing at first hand.

Festival Events

There's plenty to see and do during the Falmouth to Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival, with special zones set up across the Royal Borough during the weekend. Experience street theatre, live music and dance, and a range of art exhibitions. There are also maritime-themed markets where you can pick up some nautical trinkets.

One of the main highlights is the spectacular Crew Parade, featuring more than 1,000 tall ships' crew, marching bands, and participants from all around the world.

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