Secret London Bike Tour

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Rough, tough and full of character, the East End was once a fearsome place that even the police avoided if they could! But as the river served to welcome trade from all parts of the world, the East End has grown over the centuries and developed a culture of extraordinary richness and diversity – and what better way to unravel the layers of history than on a this bike tour , revealing all that is unique, strange and amusing about this captivating piece of London.

The SECRET LONDON TOUR follows a route along the river taking in attractions like the Tate Modern art gallery and Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, whilst also visiting Borough Market and the glorious Southwark Cathedral. After safely navigating Tower Bridge (our guides are expertly trained to keep you safe from the villains and foul-mouthed characters that once lurked here!), we explore the Tower itself and ‘Dead Man’s Hole’ to see if we can retrieve any bodies found floating in the river Thames!

Moving quite literally from rags to riches, we next explore the old docks of the East End, the Battle of Cable Street mural and wonderful Artillery and Brick Lanes, before moving on to the splendours of the City of London, including The Bank of England and the Royal Exchange. Yet, not quite finished with London past, we show you the place from where the Romans measured all distances in Britannia, the flame-topped monument to the Great Fire of London and the historic ‘Bow Bells’, from where all true Cockney’s are born within earshot.

Inevitably, the tour has its wacky stories to tell – such as the ‘Leap of Faith’ by a London Bus over Tower Bridge; The pub with a legendary ancient tunnel to the Tower of London; And the mysterious ‘Angel of the Thames’ (maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot her!) who guards over all residents of ol’ London town.

It’s simply impossible to summarize the amazing SECRET LONDON TOUR, combining medieval history, legend, scandal and modern glamour. Yet, one thing for certain is that everybody who joins us will leave with a picture of London that they could never have previously imagined.- just remember to bring a camera….

Tour includes: 

Bicycle rental

Safety helmet

Professional tour guide Ride through Tate Modern,Shakepeare's Globe Theatre,Southwark Cathedral,Borough Market,Tower of London,London Docks,Tower Bridge and many more.

Venue Details & Map

Waterloo Railway Station, London

York Road
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