Billy Elliot: The Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre

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Celebre adattamento del famoso film britannico con musiche composte da Elton John. Narra la commovente storia di un ragazzo che si innamora del balletto classico e lotta per dimostrare la sua passione a chi dubita di lui.

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Victoria Palace Theatre

Allington Street
+44 (0)20 7834 1317
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5 su 5 24 febbraio 2016
di Jessica H.

I was quite indifferent about the film, so when I was invited to go to the show, I didn't have high hopes, but, luckily for me, I left the theatre on an absolute high.

The show had it all, drama, comedy, great dance sequences, and unlike the guy who plays Billy Elliott in the film, the boy they cast in this play was a spectacular dancer. The choreography at the end when he's all grown up so...Continua

4 su 5 24 maggio 2015
di Melanie H.

I loved the film and thought I'd enjoy the show as the soundtrack to the film was so good. Unfortunately it soon became clear that the music from the film wasn't in the show and it had its own showtunes. This wasn't to its detriment however, the music was great, the storyline both funny and emotional and the dancing kids... well they were just amazing! Thoroughly enioyed it!Continua

2 su 5 15 settembre 2014
di David A.

Very disappointed in the production and very uncomfortable in the seats.

I was really really looking forward to seeing this show. You plan to go to London for months and you pick out the one show you really want to go to and it falls kind of flat, it's a disappointment.

The show started and just when the first scene with Billy was to come up, they closed the curtains and the stage director...Continua

4 su 5 26 agosto 2014
di Yuen P L.

Here is an inspirational story befitting of any age. It is sometimes subtle in what it is trying to achieve but always charming and poignant to the moment in time that it is trying to capture. Unsurprisingly Billy himself steals the show and the performance of the song Electricity is certainly memorable. Altogether the quality of dancing, choreography and singing is good all-round. However,...Continua

5 su 5 7 gennaio 2014
di Teresa C.

I came to see this because I really enjoyed the film. A friend wanted to see it as well and it was the best idea ever!

The show was filled with a brilliant cast. Even if the accent and slangs were sometimes a bit difficult to understand, maybe it's just because we were both Canadian.

Either way, both my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bring tissues if you love your mum. We both sobbed...Continua

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