The Book of Mormon im Prince of Wales Theatre



Dieses Comedy-Musical dreht sich um die Misere zweier jugendlicher mormonischen Missionare, die ein Dorf in einer gefährlichen Gegend Ugandas bekehren sollen.

Dieses Geistesprodukt der South Park-Erfinder Trey Parker und Matt Stone wurde als Broadway-Musical mit durchschlagendem Erfolg von US-Kritikern hoch gelobt und erhielt unglaubliche neun Tony Awards, darunter jenen für das beste Musical.

Zwei junge mormonische Missionare werden in ein entlegenes Dorf im Norden Ugandas gesandt, wo ein brutaler Kriegsherr die Einheimischen bedroht. Naiv und optimistisch versuchen die beiden Missionare das Buch Mormon, eine ihrer Schriften – die nur einer von ihnen sehr gut kennt – anzupreisen, doch es fällt ihnen schwer, Zugang zu den Einheimischen zu finden, die eher gegen Hunger, Armut und AIDS anzukämpfen versuchen, als dass sie sich für Religion interessieren würden.

Verpassen Sie es nicht, sich dieses hanebüchende Musical in London anzusehen – buchen Sie jetzt Ihre Karten!

Details zum Veranstaltungsort und Karte

Prince of Wales Theatre

31 Coventry Street
0844 482 5110
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel:
Piccadilly Circus (approx. 150m) Charing Cross (approx. 550m)


4,5 von 5 Basierend auf 51 Rezensionen

Neueste 5 Rezensionen von The Book of Mormon: The Musical at the Prince of Wales Theatre

5 von 5 12 März 2017
von Courtney F.

Incredible show. And so reasonably priced. We purchased tickets directly from the theater in advance of the screening. We had to pick up our tickets on the day, but it was super easy. It is helpful to know a very brief bit of history prior to experiencing the show but it would still be enjoyable without that. This show, from the creators of South Park, is so funny. It is good natured but can...Mehr erfahren

1 von 5 19 April 2016
von George C.

I was really disappointed by this musical....I had read so many good reviews prior to visiting theater, that probably at the end made me expect much more. I didn't fancy the playwright at all, the music was so flat/indifferent with no songs to remember and the comedy parts were really american style/black humor jokes that I hardly enjoyed. If you add on that the unreasonable high ticket...Mehr erfahren

5 von 5 16 April 2016
von Pamela S.

I finally saw this! It is really good fun! It's a great musical and it's not over the top with songs, i.e. they don't sing whilst just having a dialogue which can get annoying in other musicals. It is 100% politically incorrect. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that is religious as they might find it offensive. There were moments that I was surprised that they went there. But that's the...Mehr erfahren

4 von 5 19 März 2016
von Kel P.

Very interesting plan, certainly extremely satire and ironic. Fairly inappropriate so might not be for everyone's taste.

I personally preferred this over jersey boys, but I guess it all depends on what you like.

If you liked South Park or Avenue Q, you might like this.Mehr erfahren

4 von 5 15 November 2015
von Kimberlee C.

Where to begin...the theater itself had comfortable seats. The prices were that of Wicked prices, which after having seen the show, I disagree with. This is a very well executed satire comedy. I say that having never been to Uganda...however I am extremely familiar with the Mormon culture/religion so this show was hilarious for me. Trey and Matt Parker did really well with their mormon...Mehr erfahren

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